This is real Manic.

Woedpress has a Limit of Blogposts.
Everytime I try to put one Post into the Menue, another is kicked out.
Last Days I was more in Coding than in Listening and enjoying.
Im not good in Coding.

My first Idea is to put a custom Menue into the Head of this Blog.
It looks a little different, but it works this way.
Afro and Movie and Doku are not in the Menue until now.
I work on it.


Sorry, I was off-line some days. I have tried to bring two Blogs together and change the Startpage. But, actually, I have locked myself out. Besides, I have shifted the whole(complete) installation of the web page and could not manage                                 Whatever  !               Esel If I disappear in future several times, I have not stopped blogging, but maybe I have mismanaged WP once more. CU ISpace

Have you Listened to the fantastic A Jig

ISpace – A Jig from Ispace on Vimeo.


This Band has got Flow.

Everyone knows this german Band.

if not listen to the Playlist.

I love the Sound from the First Album New Dubby Conquerors on.
The Creativity knows no End.

The 3 Singers made Soloalbums as well.
Most known in Germany is Peter Fox.

Here you can listen to them.

Page 1 – Seeed Playlist
Page 2 – Wiki Seeed

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TripiX – 2014 – A Jig
Irish Folk Dance


TripiX – 2014 – 120Dubs per Minute (Out There Mix)
Dub Chill Ambient

Page 1 – ISpace – 2014 – TripiX
Page 2 – Wiki Trip Psychedelic experience

New Experiantics!

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ISpace – 120Dubs per Minute


TripiX – 2014 – 120Dubs per Minute (Out There Mix)
Dub Chill Ambient

ISpace – 120Dubs per Minute (Out There Mix) from Ispace on Vimeo.

Deep into the Dub

Relax with a Joyride Somewhere, Somewhen in Phoenix USA.
Great Landscape.

I have found this Stock Footage Clip in Youtubes Channel 242 Films and give real big Thanx to Adam Fackelmann.

Take also a Choice from the Audio. 120Dubs per Minute is Minimal and Reduced to its Basic.
Its the 2nd Track for the TripiX Album.

Page 1 – ISpace – 2014 – 120Dubs per Minute (Out There Mix)
Page 2 – Wiki Stock footage

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Rod Anton & the Ligerians

What a Fantastic Band.
The made Songs with Congos, Midnite and many other great Bands.
In 2014 a new Album is released called Wevolution.
The Album Reasonin’ hits me like a Hammer.

I have not found much Information about this Band.
But I Love the Music!
Maybe they are French.

I do Belive they need a Lot more Public, very more.

I am sure you will love them, too.

Page 1 – Rod Anton & the Ligerians Playlist
Page 2 – Rod Anton & the Ligerians Live & More

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Althea & Donna

Uptown Top Ranking was not the only great Song from Althea & Donna.

Try some more.

I found this one on my search for Althea & Donna Videos.

Its real cool.

You can find Uptown Top Ranking on
Playlist 18

Page 1 – Playlist – 32 – Althea & Donna
Page 2 – Wiki Althea & Donna
Page 3 – Wiki Uptown Top Ranking

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ISpace – Blown (MezzoMix)


A fantastic Voyage – Still Voyaging – 2013 – Blown (MezzoMix)
Reggae Dub

Still Voyaging

Watch Shaolin Kung Fu.

Page 1 – ISpace – 2013 – Blown (MezzoMix)

ISpace – Say No (do what you say)


A fantastic Voyage – Still Voyaging – 2013 – Say No (do what you say)
Reggae Dub

Still Voyaging

The last Voyage.

Monster Cars and Trucks.

At next I have ISpace – New Experiantics! – 2013

Page 1 – ISpace – 2013 – Say No (do what you say)