Playlist 33 – Deutscher Reggae Vol 2

Deutscher Reggae zum Zweiten.
Leider sind viel zu wenige weibliche Artists in diesem Genre unterwegs.
Ich habe die Playlist um Interpreten aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum ( zB Schweiz und Österreich) weiter ausgeweitet um ein wenig Abwechslung zu schaffen.

Ich Hoffe damit eine gelungene Auswahl getroffen zu haben.

Hier gehts auf dem direkten Weg zu Playlist 2 – Deutscher Reggae

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Now 2014 is Perfect.

The new Album is out now.


A nice One.

But I can only find two Songs. Maybe the Rest follows on and on.

The whole Album is Roots Reggae Jazz EarCandy.

I love the Sound a Lot,
Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt helped make this Album a Milestone.

Take 10min to listen to.
I bet you like it.

Playlist – Groundation


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ISpace – Dub4Sell


TripiX – 2014 – Dub4Sell
Dub Reggae Electro

Dub4Sell is a Dub Track that is made on IPad with the Launchpad App (Novation). You should try it. You can find it in the Apple App Store. Maybe an Android Version exist.
Most nice was the transport from Launchpad over Audiopaste to different Apps like Cubasis (I enjoy it a lot) and other Apps for Mastering.
The last Mixdown is from Logic as usual.

In the next Days i create a Videoclip for it.

I had to let you have it, so I made the upload this fast.

Try the Playlist

Have you listened already to
Tiburk Sound System
If you don’t know him, follow the Link and enjoy.

Here more of my favorite Bands

Zion Train

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