Playlist – 37 – Reggae Party Hits # 3

With this Playlist I wish you a nice Party and a happy new Year.

I hope you visit this Blog soon again.

You can try the first Partylist Reggae Party Hits following this Link: Playlist – 18 – Reggae Party Hits And if your not too tired, you can follow here for the Playlist # 2

And if your not too tired, you can follow here for the Playlist # 2

Reggae Party Hits # 3

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Playlist – 36 – Dublist #5

Here on this Playlist are a lot of the Songs I used for the NuHorizont Vol 2 Mix.
Follow the Link to listen.

One more Favorit is Alpha & Omega Conscious Black Woman
One of the Songs I have heard of far too late.
If you ever have the chance, listen to the whole Album.

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DubSpage Mixes from MixCloud # 2

NuHorizont 2 is the one of the Best Mixes I made for months i think.
Maybe you like it.
My favor Song Today is the self titled Mazari, (maybe a little confusing for some of you) and I like Congo Natty – nu beginnings a lot.

Its Energy is unbelievable.

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ISpage – NuHorizont Vol 2

1.rising fist by Zenzile
2.antifasho dub by sinsemilla
3.conscious black woman by Alpha & Omega
4.blessed ithiopia by Dub Dynasty
5.crucial by alpha stepper beginnings by congo natty
7.i refuse by improvisators dub
8.mazari by mazari
9.bass temperature by high tone
10.protect the earth by paulette wright
11.darker stronger dubber by mahom rose & Dub by Dub Dynasty
13.keep on rolling by Longfingah
14.radagast by secret archives of the vatican don’t by jasmine tutum – try Zenzile
16.highway by sista 40

ISpage – NuHorizont Vol 1

1.que dolor (ispace remix) by sapien
2.blinddub by banach & malwa
3.mission from god by anansi
4.bongo dub by panda dub
5.versus africa (ispace remix) by Tiburk Sound System
6.introvision by fire in the hole from hell by br stylers
8.don’t let them dub by ras paddy
9.laughterdub by okada super sound
10.anyway by zebra hard by del mighty sounds
12.takeUsehr by ISpace
13.truth and rights by roots’n’future
14.only one dub by vibronics hard remix by del mighty sounds
16.dub out by kadubra
18.truth and rights (remix) by roots’n’future

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DubSpage Mixes from MixCloud

Mixcloud is a Place to upload some DubMixes.
I am wondering why it is allowed.
But anyway. in this way I can share some of my Mixes with you.
I hope you enjoy.

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ISpage – DubJects Mix Vol 1

1.unite by Roommate strength by music inna house child by Zenzile
4.taj mahal by Tiburk Sound System
5.electric groove temple by transistor sister
6.backfeed by natural dub cluster
7.dub vendetta by Zenzile
8.inna house by music inna house
9.island riddim vip by Roommate
10.platetectonics by Salmonella Dub
11.hard like a rock by daddy ous
12.g7 by hypnotics
13.ticket to die by Kanka
14.del ray by sola rosa
15.unite by Roommate
feat splifftone

ISpage – DubJects Mix Vol 2

1.905 by Hempro
2.EJ`N`H by Juan Thyme
3.A PLACE FOR PARADIZE by Tiburk Sound System
4.101 dub by Tiburk Sound System by ragana
6.trap by dubtonic kru
7.silly little things by dub from atlantis
8.pirates by jacin by international observer
10.ocean dub by consenso
11.get up when i fall over by dub terminator
12.push on through by Salmonella Dub
13.el meu pobre dub by txilum
14.fistful of dub by vibronics
15.dread dub 9 by alien dread
16.jah is to be praised by kenny knots
17.most high by Roommate

ISpage – DubJects Mix Vol 3

1.rue coustou by Tiburk Sound System
2.its dub night by phil harmony
3.indexdub by midtape
4.faya by earthground combination
5.dubmind by jahpawa
6.pirates by jacin
7.stargazer by thievery corporation
8.everyday is a dub day by dub sac
9.dub for i and i by unitone soundtime
10.san roque dub by adubta
11.fresh lady dub by strides
12.loop 7 by Salmonella Dub
13.dub in the land by mighty massa
14.midnight dub by parvez spider dub by senior all stars
16.robot kotoril by dub tv
17.overstand by thievery corporation

ISpage – DubJects Mix Vol 4

2.Tui Dub by Salmonella Dub
3.No Stress by Kanka
4.Melomania by Kanka
5.Convoy hijack by Black Uhuru
6.El Meu Poble Dub by Txilum
7.Dub Club 2000+1 by Sofa Surfers – Chemicals & Sulfat
8.Dub Creation by Dove Dub
9.Commandment of Soothie by Space
10.Problems – Zion Train Version by Salmonella Dub
11.Space by Zion Train
12.storm_clouds_dub by strides
13.renegade sound wave by renegade soundwave
14.Original Dub Way by Professor Skank
15.across the dub by Music Inna House
16.Dem Cyaan Give Us Dub by Mellow Mood
17.touba dub by King Kietu

ISpage – DubJects Mix Vol 5

1.Dub of Reality by Weeding DubHumble-I
2.pow_wow by dub fanatic
3.Single Shot by Zenzile
4.stryding by Dub Invasion
5.passage of dub by Ashley
6.ah by Ragana
7.natural mysic by Panda Dub
8.bloodknot by Alien Dread
9.keep on fighting dub by Barbes D
10.great old man by Alien Dread
11.mount zion dub by Dubmatix
12.for a slice by Roommate
13.saviour dub by pama_intl_ mad professor
14.share the flame by Zion Train
15.lalala by Snoop Lion
16.unity by R.Esistence In Dub
17.time flies by Kanka
18.croon it by Kanka
19.jungla dub by txilum

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