Dub Dynasty

I have found out:
Dub Dynasty is a Trio(?) from UK.
The Band is Alpha Steppa and Alpha & Omega
and Steppas is their own Label.

And thats all i can tell you.

But the Sound is ….. wow.

Every Track is a Bomb.

Here the new Album and a Playlist of the last one.

Thundering Mantis 2014

Unrelenting Force 2013

here some free downloads i found

and of course some Links to the Band and Label

facebook/Dub Dynasty



ISpace – New Experiantics on bandcamp.com

I found a new Place to Post Songs.
Of course it is not new, but I didn’t knew it.


And this is how it looks like..

If you are looking for a Place to upload your Files or to listen and download Files, its the BEST Place to go.
However it will be in few months.
In this Moment I am very Happy to be registered there.

Page 1 – Playlist New Experiantics!
Page 2 – Wiki Bandcamp

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