ISpace – DreamSpage (LeftHandMix)


TripiX – 2014 – ISpace – DreamSpage (LeftHandMix)
Reggae Dub Electro

ISpace – Dreamspage (LeftHandMix) from Ispace on Vimeo.

DreamSpage – Tripix, the Third.

DreamSpage is a groovy Reggae based Song that can let you feel good.
A female Voice guides you through.
A desert guitar and some hall effects are main inputs.

In my dreams always is summer.
And i always be on vaccation.


This song should let you dream of nice things,
guide you through weekends and holidays or make you smile and a little more happy.

The videos in this small clip are shared from the youtube channel footageisland.
Thank you for this.
The url is

You can find lots of very interesting videoclips there.

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King Tubby


There is a large Output from King Tubby.
It seems that noone in Business has not made some recordings with his Help.
Of course its not possible to find the a dircription in one Playlist.

So here you can listen to some of his recent works in full album and some you shouldn’t forget listen to.

He died much to young at the age of 48 in 1989.
Rest in Peace

You can find a list of known Recordings at the fantastic


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Holly Cook

This girl has known family.

Daddy was Drummer for the Sex Pistols, her Mother was Singer for Culture Club and Boy George is the Grandfather. (I didnt knew he made Children)

A lovely mix through Dancehall, Pop and with a nice Voice.
The first Album was released in 2011.
Now she comes with her new Album.
I think its worth listen to it.

I like the Prince Fatty Horseman Hollie Cook Cheap Show à Victoire 2 Clip most.!!!

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Selecteur Octa

I learn more every single day.
follow this link to the channel Selecteur Octa on

This DJ is real good.
a great mix through roots and dancehall.

Im sure you will love it

Sample Mixtape Aout – 2014

Sample Mixtape Mai 2014



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