ISpace – BlueLove


TripiX – 2015 – BlueLove
Dance Funky

I belive Songs like these need to be long like it is or even longer.

It grooves all the way and it pings echo through the Brain.

Its a funky song.
I was influenced a little.
Maybe some of you know the Tracks.

Its made on Logic through the last months.
There are sure more than 20 versions i made before i choose this one.
For the Mastering i used nuendo for the first time.
It was great working with this DAW.
There are no limits.

But its so expensive.


Try BlueLove, maybe you will like it.

ISpace – BlueLove

Grace Jones

I always loved her Music.
Sly and Robby helped her to make fantastic Reggaebased Sound.
Lot People never heard of the Remake Take of She’s lost Control.
Maybe one of the Best.

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Grace Jones

Dub from Dubophonic

Dub from Dubophonic

ISpace – Scream (scyt)


TripiX – 2015 – Scream (scyt)

Electro Trance House

Vimeo Shares

Scream (scyt) from Ispace on Vimeo.


Here one more Track for TripiX.
In the last Time I was exploring different DAWs, this one is one of the last Logic Jams.

I have made some more Trax, they follow here next weeks and months ;).

Page 1 – ISpace – Scream (scyt)

ISpace – Scream (scyt)

Playlist – 37 – Reggae Party Hits # 3

With this Playlist I wish you a nice Party and a happy new Year.

I hope you visit this Blog soon again.

You can try the first Partylist Reggae Party Hits following this Link: Playlist – 18 – Reggae Party Hits And if your not too tired, you can follow here for the Playlist # 2

And if your not too tired, you can follow here for the Playlist # 2

Reggae Party Hits # 3

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Playlist – 37 – Reggae Party Hits # 3

Playlist – 36 – Dublist #5

Here on this Playlist are a lot of the Songs I used for the NuHorizont Vol 2 Mix.
Follow the Link to listen.

One more Favorit is Alpha & Omega Conscious Black Woman
One of the Songs I have heard of far too late.
If you ever have the chance, listen to the whole Album.

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Playlist – 36 – Dublist #5