Dub from Dubophonic

Dub from Dubophonic

ISpace – Scream (scyt)


TripiX – 2015 – Scream (scyt)

Electro Trance House

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Scream (scyt) from Ispace on Vimeo.


Here one more Track for TripiX.
In the last Time I was exploring different DAWs, this one is one of the last Logic Jams.

I have made some more Trax, they follow here next weeks and months ;).

Page 1 – ISpace – Scream (scyt)

ISpace – Scream (scyt)

Playlist – 37 – Reggae Party Hits # 3

With this Playlist I wish you a nice Party and a happy new Year.

I hope you visit this Blog soon again.

You can try the first Partylist Reggae Party Hits following this Link: Playlist – 18 – Reggae Party Hits And if your not too tired, you can follow here for the Playlist # 2

And if your not too tired, you can follow here for the Playlist # 2

Reggae Party Hits # 3

Page 1 – Reggae Party Hits # 3
Page 2 – Wiki Silvester
Page 3 – Wiki New Year’s Eve
Page 4 – Wiki Pope Sylvester I


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Playlist – 37 – Reggae Party Hits # 3

Playlist – 36 – Dublist #5

Here on this Playlist are a lot of the Songs I used for the NuHorizont Vol 2 Mix.
Follow the Link to listen.

One more Favorit is Alpha & Omega Conscious Black Woman
One of the Songs I have heard of far too late.
If you ever have the chance, listen to the whole Album.

Page 1 – Playlist 36 Dublist # 5
Page 2 – Wiki DJ mixer
Page 3 – Wiki Traktor

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Dublist # 5

I cant find the First.?

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Playlist – 36 – Dublist #5

DubSpage Mixes from MixCloud # 2

NuHorizont 3 Jan 2015

ISpage – NuHorizont Vol 3 by Ispace on Mixcloud

1 panda dub – business of war (pupajim remix)
2 alpha & omega – dub mightier than the word
3 tiburk – digital rasta boy
4 dezarie – download the criminal
5 dubmatix – war peace dub
6 dubblestandart – island girl
7 dubmatix – pump up the selector
8 jahju – yumi fe
9 dubblestandart -idiots dub
10 cian finn – 9 years ireland
11 dub dynasty – 9 years dub
12 chin chillaz – lion
13 gorgon sound – rise dub
14 alpha & omega – homeless people
15 dub mechanist – kikoman dub
16 dub engine – future slavery
17 richie phoe – thriller
18 zion dirty sound – el pueblo unido dub
19 zion dirty sound – el pueblo unido


NuHorizont 2 is the one of the Best Mixes I made for months i think.
Maybe you like it.
My favor Song Today is the self titled Mazari, (maybe a little confusing for some of you) and I like Congo Natty – nu beginnings a lot.

Its Energy is unbelievable.

With the Links on the right side, you will be able to see more content here on ISpage.de.

More Mixes are here to click

ISpage – NuHorizont Vol 2

1.rising fist by Zenzile
2.antifasho dub by sinsemilla
3.conscious black woman by Alpha & Omega
4.blessed ithiopia by Dub Dynasty
5.crucial by alpha stepper
6.nu beginnings by congo natty
7.i refuse by improvisators dub
8.mazari by mazari
9.bass temperature by high tone
10.protect the earth by paulette wright
11.darker stronger dubber by mahom
12.black rose & Dub by Dub Dynasty
13.keep on rolling by Longfingah
14.radagast by secret archives of the vatican
15.africa don’t by jasmine tutum – try Zenzile
16.highway by sista 40

ISpage – NuHorizont Vol 1

1.que dolor (ispace remix) by sapien
2.blinddub by banach & malwa
3.mission from god by anansi
4.bongo dub by panda dub
5.versus africa (ispace remix) by Tiburk Sound System
6.introvision by fire in the hole
7.fire from hell by br stylers
8.don’t let them dub by ras paddy
9.laughterdub by okada super sound
10.anyway by zebra
11.living hard by del mighty sounds
12.takeUsehr by ISpace
13.truth and rights by roots’n’future
14.only one dub by vibronics
15.living hard remix by del mighty sounds
16.dub out by kadubra
18.truth and rights (remix) by roots’n’future

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DubSpage Mixes from MixCloud # 2